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Implant dentistry is a standard dental procedure which involves the surgical positioning of metal posts or frames into your jawbone. This acts as a mount for replacement teeth. At Arden Park Dental Care, Dr. Shahnaz Formoli has had years of experience with numerous patients in this field, allowing her to execute the most professional Sacramento implant dentistry procedures and improve your overall health. Since dental implants are bonded to your jawbone, they are extremely secure and stable, enabling your artificial teeth to function just like natural teeth.

Fixing dental bridges, crowns or even dentures on your implants are a near-permanent solution and they will not shift around inside your mouth. So, not only are dental implants minimally invasive and highly functional, they also provide comfort. Depending on your individual needs the doctor will recommend either a single implant, multiple implants or an All-on-Four implant. With Sacramento dental implants you will be able to restore the full form and function to lost teeth and even replace a full set of teeth. The appearance, feel and function of natural teeth are the aim of dental implants, not to mention the resurgence they can bring to one’s self-esteem and confidence.

“Everyone is nice and super helpful. They provide the environment where I actually look forward to going to the dentist to show off how great I’ve been at flossing. Would recommend to anyone who has had bad past experiences at the dentist. Front desk explains the status of your insurance and gives you a great picture of what is covered, how much things cost, and whether to elect into optional procedures. All the hygienist are knowledgeable and explain why they do the things they do, which make it easier to keep up with dental care. The doctor is nice and really cares about her patients’ well-being. I’ve had nothing but great experiences.”

Dental Implants Sacramento

Single dental implant

As the name suggests, a single dental implant is simply one implant that replaces a missing or lost tooth. Being one of the top dentist in dental implants Sacramento has to offer, Dr. Formoli recommends this tooth replacement method as it has a number of benefits. One of the significant advantages is that a single dental implant enables your replacement tooth to look, feel, and function just like the rest of your original, natural teeth. Another reason why a single dental implant is beneficial is that the procedure is minimally invasive and will not damage or affect the adjacent teeth. In other words, you will have the privilege of having a new tooth inserted without having to sacrifice the health of the teeth next to it. Moreover, the root of your tooth is completely replaced when it comes to a dental implant, so you will have much lower chances of potential bone complications in the future.

A single dental implant has three main parts, which are the implant, the abutment, and the restoration. The implant is the part that is inserted into either your lower or upper jawbone. It is generally made of titanium.

The abutment is the part that connects the implant to the replacement tooth, also known as a crown, using a screw. It is custom made from materials such as stainless steel or titanium. It is shaped like a small tooth, ready to be covered by a crown.

The replacement tooth or crown is the part that replaces your original tooth. It can be made up of either porcelain-fused-to-metal, all resin, or all ceramic. In most cases, it is usually made from porcelain-fused-to-metal. Dr. Formoli will either cement it onto the abutment or use a screw. If a screw is used, it will have to be followed by filling.

Multiple implants

Multiple implants are merely implants that replace more than one lost or missing tooth. If you have several adjacent teeth missing, Dr. Formoli may use multiple implants to restore your smile.

It is one of the best and most popular methods for tooth replacement that skilled and experienced dentists generally opt for. This is because they are minimally invasive and offer many great benefits such as:

•A strong, secure and healthy jawbone.
•No harm is done to the neighboring teeth.
•Does not do any damage to your gum line.
•They are comfortable, stable and highly functional.
•They are aesthetically pleasing since they closely resemble natural teeth.

You can either opt for a porcelain dental bridge supported by multiple dental implants or for an individual replacement of each tooth with dental implants and a crown. To decide which is the best option for you, Dr. Formoli will conduct a thorough examination and recommend the treatment option right for you.

A major drawback for bridges without implants is that the teeth neighboring the gap, on both sides, will have to be filed and reshaped to almost half of their original size. This makes them weaker and more likely to develop disease and decay. With dental implants, the integrity of your jawbone is not only maintained, but enhanced.

All-On-Four Dental Implants

Also known as full mouth implants, All-on-Four are dental implants that require just four implants to replace all your teeth. Compared to traditional dental implants, this offers a much more cost-effective method of teeth replacement since a fewer number of posts are required. With conventional implant methods, replacing all your teeth on a single arch would require around eight to ten implants for one jaw.

What makes this technique different is that the implants are inserted at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees, whereas traditional implants are fitted straight down. An insertion at such an angle allows patients who have gone through bone loss to opt for the All-On-Four technique. Also, this technique enables extracting, implanting, and fitting all in one day, compared to traditional implants, which require multiple dental appointments and a lengthy recovery period.

So, as you can see, All-on-Four provides a multitude of benefits that traditional implants cannot offer. You no longer have to live with the trouble of having missing teeth or wearing uncomfortable dentures that keep slipping off and are not stable. You do not even have to compromise on your original, natural teeth in order to receive new ones.

At Arden Park Dental Care we provide top-tier Sacramento implant dentistry, whether single, multiple or All-on-Four implants. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Shahnaz Formoli today, and she will let you know which kind of implant is the best for you.

You can restore your smile to its full appearance and functionality a lot more easily than you may have thought.


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