Soft tissue management services available for those diagnosed with periodontal disease

At Arden Park Dental Care of Sacramento, California, Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli and her team of professionals believe in providing patients with the best care possible–and ensuring they offer a wide range of services to reduce the need for referrals to other professionals in the area. In addition to providing general, restorative, and even aesthetic dentistry, she also offers treatments for soft tissue management with non-surgical gum therapy for those diagnosed with periodontal disease.

What exactly is soft tissue management?

Soft tissue management refers to treating and maintaining the gum tissues, also known as periodontal tissues, after an infection has been diagnosed. The gums play a critical role in supporting and protecting the teeth, but they might become damaged or infected due to poor oral hygiene, genetics, certain medical conditions, or other factors that may contribute. When this condition is left untreated, gum disease or periodontal disease can cause serious and irreversible complications such as tooth loss and even systemic issues. Getting an early diagnosis and talking to an experienced dentist, such as Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli of Arden Park Dental Care in Sacramento, California, is the best way to ensure a healthy smile after problems arise.

What can I expect from periodontal maintenance services?

First, patients will get a thorough evaluation performed to determine the severity of the infection of the smile. The earliest infection is gingivitis; at this stage, the condition can be treated and reversed. However, if patients do not get periodontal disease treatment for this gum infection, it can worsen and result in periodontitis, a condition that cannot be cured and can only be maintained. Lack of treatment can result in the development of serious loss, including the loss of bone, gum tissue, and even permanent adult teeth.

Will I need gum surgery?

There are several approaches to treating patients diagnosed with any stage of periodontal disease. Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli is pleased to offer a selection of treatment options for our patients, including gum infection treatments that do not require surgical intervention. Talking to our team at Arden Park Dental Care is the first step in the journey toward learning more about your condition and what can be done to resolve it.

How do I learn more about soft tissue management services at Arden Park Dental Care?

If you are a resident of Sacramento, CA, and want to work with Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli and her team to discuss the treatment of periodontal disease and other dental issues, call the office today at (916) 485-4800 to request a visit to the practice, located at 4360 Arden Way, Suite #3.

Shahnaz L. Formoli, DDS

Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli performed her post-graduate studies at the University of Loma Linda and the University of the Pacific and trained with some of the top Experts with renowned expertise in Cosmetic Anti-Aging dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Soft tissue management, Laser dentistry, and Invisalign, she is a dedicated member of various local and international dental associations.

Dr. Formoli is committed to offering the community the highest quality, Anti-aging Aesthetic, corrective dentistry. In addition to her expertise, she offers Snap-On Smile—a swift, temporary solution as patients prepare for permanent restorative treatments. Her goal is to create an unparalleled experience in dental care, utilizing advanced modern technologies in an old-fashioned warm, compassionate, and friendly environment.