What types of extractions are performed? 

There are situations that may arise in which you require the removal of a natural tooth. At Arden Park Dental Care in Sacramento, California, Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli and her team are dedicated to providing the care patients need when they need it. This includes simple, surgical, and emergency dental extractions.

What are the different types of dental extractions?

There are two primary types of extractions that are performed at Arden Park Dental Care of Sacramento, California, including:

  • Simple tooth extraction – Simple tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth above the gum line that is accessible to the dentist. The dentist uses a special forceps-like device that grabs the tooth and wedges it from the natural jawbone within a matter of minutes to complete the full extraction of the tooth.
  • Tooth extraction surgery – Tooth extraction surgery, or surgical extraction, is performed when a patient has an impacted tooth that hasn’t come through the gum line and may be “stuck” in the jawbone. Tooth extraction surgery requires more invasive treatment, during which the dentist will cut into the gum tissue to access the tooth inside and remove it manually.
  • Emergency tooth removal – In some instances, these extractions may be performed as emergency tooth removal. This may happen if a severe infection, abscess, or trauma has significantly damaged or affected the natural tooth and requires immediate removal. Emergency tooth removal may be simple or surgical, depending on the circumstances.

Which one do I need?

When you talk to Dr. Formoli about your needs, she can advise you on the type of tooth extraction needed to achieve your oral health goals.

How do I learn more about tooth extraction services?

Dental extractions may be required at one point or another for patients, and Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli can assist. Her office is at 4360 Arden Way, Suite #3, and can be reached by calling (916) 485-4800. She serves patients in and around the areas of Rosemont, Davis, Elk Grove, and Carmichael, California. She is open to new patients considering general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services for themselves or their families.