Cone Beam CT Scans in Sacramento, CA

The highest quality dental imaging for the highest quality treatment

Cone Beam CT scan is a type of computed tomography which is used by dentists when regular x-rays don’t provide sufficient or desired results. Dr. Shahnaz Formoli strongly believes that staying up-to-date with the latest developments in dental technology can help her serve patients better. And that is why, at Arden Park Dental Care, Dr. Formoli uses this advanced computed x-ray equipment to take 3D images of teeth, jawbones, nerve pathways as well as soft tissues, all in one, single scan. These x-rays enable her to diagnose her patients accurately and precisely plan their treatments.

In order to provide such high-quality results, the radiation level is understandably higher in the Cone Beam CT scan machine compared to regular x-ray machines. For this reason, it is not routinely used unless absolutely necessary.

CT Machine

How do I prepare for a Cone Beam CT Scan?

You do not have to do much of anything before undergoing a CBCT scan. Dr. Formoli will ask you to remove any metal you may have on your body as this can interfere with the scanning. These metals can include rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, glasses, hearing aids, hair pins, etc.
And, as is the case with all kinds of scans, a CBCT scan can be dangerous for pregnant women and may pose a threat. So, if you are pregnant or there is any chance that you are, make sure to inform Dr. Formoli beforehand.

What is the procedure like?

Dr. Formoli will ask you to sit or lie down, while the machine revolves around you. It is important that you stay still while this is happening. It will take less than a minute, around 20 to 40 seconds, for the machine to be able to make a full mouth x-ray, while it takes no more than 10 seconds to take a regional scan.

Common treatment procedures that may include the use of a CBCT scan include:

  • Accurate placement of dental implants
  • Surgical planning for impacted teeth
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Diagnosing TMJ
  • Determining bone structure and tooth orientation

Some of the benefits of CBCT scans include:

  • Better image quality
  • A major advantage of CBCT scanning is its ability to accurately image both bone and soft tissue at once
  • A single scan produces a wide variety of views and angles that can be manipulated to provide a more complete evaluation
  • CBCT scans provide more information than conventional dental x-rays
  • CT scanning is painless, non-invasive, and accurate

The experienced team at Arden Park Dental Care keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in both cosmetic and general dentistry. Treatments have never been as accurate and successful as they are in this modern age and there is no need to continue living with any unwanted dental condition. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey to an ideal smile and lasting oral health.


Arden Park Dental Care Sacramento Great Five Star Review by Greg A

Arden Park Dental Care Sacramento Great Five Star Review by Greg A