Laser-assisted periodontal therapy for maining healthy smiles

Keeping the smile healthy is vital to avoiding certain conditions such as periodontal disease. Also referred to by our team as gum disease, periodontal disease is an infection that significantly affects the smile’s health and wellness. To treat it, we encourage patients to consider laser gum treatment.

What is laser-assisted periodontal therapy?

Dr. Shanaz Formoli of Arden Park Dental Care describes laser-assisted periodontal therapy as a minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum disease treatment known as “scaling and root planing.” This innovative procedure uses today’s laser technology to remove both bacteria and diseased tissue from the gum tissues, promoting healing and encouraging healthy tissue growth. It is a great way to control the infection in the smile and keep the teeth and gums from becoming damaged or affected by this condition.

What are the benefits of using laser-assisted periodontal therapy to address periodontitis?

  • Less bleeding. When laser gum treatment is performed, there is minimal, if any, bleeding. This is because the laser cauterizes blood vessels as it removes bacteria and diseased tissue, resulting in a much cleaner and less painful experience for the patient.
  • Faster healing time. Traditional gum disease treatment often requires several appointments to complete, with a more extended recovery period due to the procedure’s invasiveness. With laser-assisted periodontal therapy, patients can expect a much quicker healing time since the process is minimally invasive and promotes natural healing. This means less time off from work or other daily activities.
  • Reduced discomfort. Laser technology is incredibly precise and allows for targeted treatment, which means less discomfort for patients during and after the procedure. Many patients report little to no pain during laser-assisted periodontal therapy, making it a more comfortable experience overall.
  • Treatment for receding gums. Laser treatment for receding gums is highly effective in promoting gum tissue regeneration and reducing the appearance of receding gums. This can help improve the overall aesthetics of the smile and prevent further damage to the teeth and gums.
  • Minimal swelling. Traditional gum disease treatment often involves cutting or scraping of inflamed gum tissue, which can lead to significant swelling afterward. There is minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue, resulting in less swelling and discomfort for patients undergoing laser-assisted periodontal therapy.

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Shahnaz L. Formoli, DDS

Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli performed her post-graduate studies at the University of Loma Linda and the University of the Pacific and trained with some of the top Experts with renowned expertise in Cosmetic Anti-Aging dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Soft tissue management, Laser dentistry, and Invisalign, she is a dedicated member of various local and international dental associations.

Dr. Formoli is committed to offering the community the highest quality, Anti-aging Aesthetic, corrective dentistry. In addition to her expertise, she offers Snap-On Smile—a swift, temporary solution as patients prepare for permanent restorative treatments. Her goal is to create an unparalleled experience in dental care, utilizing advanced modern technologies in an old-fashioned warm, compassionate, and friendly environment.