What are medicated cleanings?

When you visit a dental office for a routine cleaning and evaluation, you are taking the proper steps to maintain a healthy smile. However, if you have been diagnosed with conditions such as periodontal disease, you may require a special type of cleaning to combat the infection and control oral health. Medicated dental cleanings are offered at Arden Park Dental Care of Sacramento, California, and can be used to address periodontal disease over time. Medicated cleanings are an excellent way to manage the infection in the mouth and control it with time to keep the smile as healthy as possible!

What is included in a medicated cleaning?

A medicated cleaning takes an extra step in treating the infection that is present with periodontal disease. After the teeth are cleaned and plaque, tartar, and calculus are removed, our dental hygienist will irrigate the area using a medicated, antibacterial rinse on the teeth and gums. Antibiotics are used in the mouth and also prescribed as an oral medication to take as prescribed to control the infection. The antibiotics are used to address the disease present and help calm it, in turn improving oral health.

Which type of cleaning do I need?

The type of cleaning you need will depend greatly on your current oral health situation. Patients with a healthy smile who are coming in for routine prophylaxis will need a simple cleaning, but individuals who have been diagnosed with periodontal disease will require a medicated cleaning to address the infection and control it with time. Patients undergoing deeper cleanings for periodontal disease will often need to see the dentist more often, typically every three to four months instead of every six.

How do I find out more about medicated cleanings?

When you visit with Dr. Shanaz Formoli and her team at Arden Park Dental Care of Sacramento, CA, you are encouraged to ask about the dental services you require to achieve and maintain oral health. If you live in the area and are seeking assistance with a general dentist to bring your smile back to health, call (916) 485-4800 to schedule your medicated dental cleaning at our practice, conveniently located in Suite #3 at 4360 Arden Way.