Family Dentistry in Sacramento, CA

Your family dentist

Family dentistry is a dental practice that addresses oral health and care at every stage of life. This means that your children and you can all go to the same dentist if that dentist practices family dentistry. At Arden Park Dental, Dr. Shahnaz Formoli has practiced family dentistry for years, making her not only one of the most experienced and skilled but one of the best dentists to tend to your family’s needs.

A family dentist cares for your child’s oral hygiene even when they grow up and reach adulthood, meaning that they don’t have to switch to different dentists again and again. A good family dentist like Dr. Formoli understands that children and adults have very different dental requirements, and therefore, provides a highly comprehensive set of dental services that cater to all your family’s needs.

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Our Services

Just like a general dentist, a family dentist’s job is to take care of their patient’s dental and oral health and hygiene. However, what differentiates a family dentist is they specialize in the unique requirements of patients of all ages. Dr. Formoli is a premier family dentist and is trained and experienced in a wide range of services. Some of these services include:

Regular teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning refers to the service offered by a family dentist where they clean your teeth professionally, preferably after every six months. It includes scaling the surface of your teeth so as to remove build-up of plaque and tartar, as well as stains. Scaling is followed by polishing, where we will thoroughly polish the surface of your teeth using specialized tools in order to achieve a smooth texture and a bright, shiny appearance. This can be followed by a fluoride treatment.

Fluoride treatments

Taking care of our teeth, like brushing and flossing daily, can lead to loss of essential minerals from the tooth’s enamel. This can lead to tooth decay. Through remineralization, fluoride treatment helps your teeth resist acid attacks that could result from sugar and plaque bacteria present inside your mouth. If you take your fluoride treatment on time, early decay can even be effectively treated and reversed.

Crowns and bridges

Family dentists use dental bridges to fix one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are, as the name suggests, common dental treatments which bridge the gap between a patient’s missing teeth. There are different types of dental bridges available, out of which a good family dentist like Dr. Formoli will recommend the most suitable for you. Dental crowns are used to cover a tooth that has been damaged. This improves functionality apart from enhancing its appearance.

Cavity identification and filling

Cavities can be effectively treated by a family dentist, regardless of the patient’s age, if they are identified on time. For this to happen, regular dental check-ups are important, as it is at this time your dentist will be able to identify any areas that require special care and attention. Once the cavity is identified, the dentist will fill it most likely using either an amalgam or composite filling.


Dental sealants are placed by your family dentist on the biting or chewing surfaces of your molars and premolars to prevent decay. They are usually resin based coatings and are usually transparent, white in color, or they may have a faint tint depending on which type of sealant your dentist uses. Dental sealants are materials placed in the pits and fissures of the teeth to fill them in, creating a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is required when the pulp of your tooth gets infected. This may lead to pus accumulation, swelling, and pain. A skilled family dentist such as Dr. Formoli will efficiently clean and disinfect the tooth, fill it and seal it to halt further tooth decay. After this, a crown or other restoration is placed on the tooth to protect and restore it to full function.

Benefits of Arden Park Dental Care family dentistry services

  • Our team of experienced professionals understands the individual dental needs of children as they age. Not only this, but they also understand that children may be hesitant to visit the dentist, requiring careful attention. At Arden Park Dental Care, Dr. Formoli and her team are patient and gentle with children, slowly but surely helping them develop positive associations so they may practice good oral hygiene for life. This level of care has placed Arden Park Dental Care in a different caliber of family dentistry that residents have come to trust and depend on.
  • As mentioned earlier, a family dentist has the skill, experience, and knowledge to cater to the dental and oral needs of every member of the family, regardless of their age. This means that you won’t have to go to different dentists every time you or your children have to get their teeth checked. A good family dentist will be able to take care of your entire family’s oral health.
  • One major benefit at Arden Park Dental Care is that we educate and share useful and practical advice on how to take proper care of your teeth and mouth. We not only care about your oral and dental health and hygiene, but also inform you on what can be done at home. Such advice can prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run. Especially for kids, regular visits to the dentist can help to inculcate healthy dental and oral hygiene practices from an early age.

Our family dentistry team is one you can trust

Fear of going to the dentist is not just limited to children. Adults can also fear dental treatment. However, such feelings of apprehension and anxiety can go away if you develop a positive relationship based on trust with your family dentist. Dr. Formoli understands just how vital a relationship built on trust is to the overall experience of the patient, and she works hard to build such a relationship with each and every one of her patients.
At Arden Park Dental Care, we provide premium family dentistry services using state-of-the-art technology, as well as the experienced skill of our family dentists. Contact us to schedule an appointment for you and your family today.


Shahnaz L. Formoli, DDS

Dr. Shahnaz L. Formoli performed her post-graduate studies at the University of Loma Linda and the University of the Pacific and trained with some of the top Experts with renowned expertise in Cosmetic Anti-Aging dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Soft tissue management, Laser dentistry, and Invisalign, she is a dedicated member of various local and international dental associations.

Dr. Formoli is committed to offering the community the highest quality, Anti-aging Aesthetic, corrective dentistry. In addition to her expertise, she offers Snap-On Smile—a swift, temporary solution as patients prepare for permanent restorative treatments. Her goal is to create an unparalleled experience in dental care, utilizing advanced modern technologies in an old-fashioned warm, compassionate, and friendly environment.